Behind the Name

Rittenhouse Designs & Events was created by Christina Rittenhouse, lead planner and floral artiste extraordinaire.  When Christina was just 3 years old, her mother opened a flower shop.  Growing up Christina would get off the school bus at the shop and spend nights with her mother there for holidays and weddings.  As Christina grew older, she began designing.  There were no classes, but somehow Christina picked up on design techniques through all those years of being around it.  While in college, Christina had the great opportunity to take event planning and other event courses.  It was then that she fell in love with events.  Every aspect of them, from planning and setting-up to execution and cleaning up afterwards.  After college she worked on several events but soon learned her passion was in weddings.

           “The joy and happiness I see in a Bride’s eyes because they know they are about to begin thier lives with the one they love most is the most awesome experience.  And to be a part of that special moment for so many is without a doubt the best thing I could ever dream of. ~ Christina

Christina had always been there when her mother was doing weddings and even worked on them.  After years in a flowershop, she decided to take what some had deemed a “God-given talent” that she was blessed with and combine it with her passion….and Rittenhouse Designs & Events was born.

         “I was blessed with a hardworking mother that picked a career that would inevitably lead me to where I am today and unknowingly teach me everything I needed to know to
design the way I do.  Her work ethic and desire to make everything perfect for each wedding she did rubbed off on me.  Mix that with my Cinderella story type of mind and passion for weddings
and you get a truly memorable wedding.” ~ Christina